Our fresh guide to Bozeman area neighborhoods- with an interactive map to match. Get some context for your next property search here.

Bozeman schools, neighborhood associations, and historic districts

At the rate our city is growing, it’s not always simple to delineate Bozeman neighborhoods, old or new. New subdivisions and parks arise quickly and blend into the older neighborhoods around them. As realtors we try our best to help our clients understand each part of town, taking into account all of their unique qualities so they can find one that feels like home. As we go from one stage in life to the next, as our household and lifestyle needs change – our neighborhood preferences change too. Luckily Bozeman neighborhoods have alot to offer and home seekers have a wide scope of lifestyles to choose from. There is a neighborhood here to satisfy just about anyone: from Main street urban dwellers to a growing family or folks looking for solitude in the mountains.

Though there are no “official” neighborhood boundaries in Bozeman, we did our best to delineate the different areas of town. Use our map to view each neighborhood (by toggling them in the sidebar) and further below, you can explore its schools, parks, trails and other features. We’ve also added additional resources from the community on Bozeman schools, neighborhood associations, and historic districts. And if you have any questions… feel free to ask a realtor! Bozeman has grown quite fast and talking to a local expert is really the best way to find current information. I’ve been a realtor here for 25 years and I’m always happy to chat and help folks get to know the area.

Bozeman Neighborhood Map

Bozeman Neighborhoods


Main Street, Downtown Bozeman

The heart of downtown is Main Street, between Mendenhall and Babcock (N/S) and between 3rd Avenue and Wallace (E/W). Housing downtown primarily consists of condos, townhomes, and multi-unit residences. As per the Downtown Bozeman Business Association, life is downtown! There is always lots to do here with many events happening at local venues like the Ellen Theater and The Rialto. Locally owned storefronts as well as some of the best dining in town are all within walking distance.

Great for people that desire urban living and to be in the center of action in the vibrant main street community.

Northside Downtown

You can find new custom builds alongside adorable single-family cottages in this eclectic Bozeman neighborhood. Also in the area are the Historic Brewers District and the newer Cannery District. There is a great mix of residential neighborhoods and commercial business space with eateries like Wild Crumb and Finks within walking distance.

Great for those looking to live in a cohesive community with lots of character and history.

1-4 minutes to downtown 

In The Neighborhood:

Schools: Hawthorne Elementary School
Parks: Beall Park, Creekside Park, Centennial Park

North East Neighborhood Association

Southside Downtown

South of Main Street you’ll find some of Bozeman’s most historic residences. Quiet streets lined with mature trees and towering Victorian-era homes distinguish this neighborhood. Residences are generally on smaller lots, with many having multiple units and shared back alley access. The Gallagator Linear Trail meanders throughout, connecting neighbors from Main Street to Kagy.

Great for those that want to live in historic “old Bozeman” and be within walking distance from farmer’s markets and downtown events.

1-4 minutes to downtown

In The Neighborhood:

Schools: Longfellow Elementary, Irving Elementary

Parks: Cooper Park, Emerson Lawn, Bogert Park, Langhor park, Southside Park, Ice House Park

Neighborhood Associations: Cooper Park N.A., South Central Assoc. of Neighbors, Bogert Park N.A., Bozeman Creek Association


Midtown has established subdivisions within it though it is soon to have a lot of new housing options: the Seventh Avenue corridor is designated as an Urban Renewal District and is currently undergoing multiple different development projects. The end result will be a walkable and more densely populated corridor with complete streets and mixed-use commercial buildings. For now, local luxuries include numerous parks, many hotels, and lots of places to get a quick bite.

Great for people who want to live in a dynamic neighborhood with a variety of mature homes and modern mixed-use style developments. 

3-5 minutes to downtown

In The Neighborhood:

Schools: Whittier School

Parks: Westlake Park, Gallatin Valley BMX Park

Midtown Neighborhood Association


Residential subdivisions here are more mature and established with single family residences mixed in with multi-unit complexes. The convenience factor here is very high, with lots of grocers, retail shopping centers, and the Bozeman Public High School nearby. Presently the Gallatin Valley Mall is undergoing a redevelopment project that will add even more value to the center of town.

Great for those that wish to live centrally located and within walking distance to nearly all the necessities.

2-6 minutes to downtown

In The Neighborhood:

Schools: Bozeman High School

Parks: Kirk Park and Skatepark, Bozeman Pond Park and Canine Beach, Lewis & Bark Dog Park

Montana State University Neighborhood

The neighborhoods in the surrounding areas near MSU are active and the residences here have a wide range. Homes here vary between single family, multi-units such as condos and duplexes, and rentals. Living by MSU comes with perks too: multiple museums, the MSU stadium, coffeeshops, grocers, and eateries are all closeby.

Great for students or those that work at MSU or want to invest in rental properties close to the university.

4-6 minutes from downtown

In The Neighborhood:

Schools: Montana State University

Parks: Veterans Park, MSU Duck Pond

University Neighborhood Association

Southeast Bozeman

Residences in southeast Bozeman are in a mix of older neighborhoods and new. Homes here maintain a high value and are desirable for many reasons. A web of trails off of the Gallagator connect homes and neighborhoods with plenty of open land in between. The location provides quiet streets with easy accessibility to the rest of town. Most neighborhoods here are a short distance to Kagy Avenue and its coffeeshops and local storefronts. schools and parks also make it desirable for families.

Great for families that desire quiet neighborhoods and access to public parks and trails.

5-10 minutes from downtown

In The Neighborhood:

Schools: Sacagawea Middle School, Morning Star Elementary

Parks: Graf Park, Gardiner Park, Tuckerman Park, Alder Creek Park, Westfield Park

South East Neighborhood Association

North Bozeman

Here you’ll find a balanced mix of newer subdivisions among established ones plus a sizable commercial area. While Griffin Drive is almost predominantly commercial business, Manley Drive and Bridger Canyon Road businesses are more integrated with residences and lively. The well-connected neighborhood trail system can bring you from Story Mill Park to the M trailhead and to Map Brewing in a short bike ride. Golfers can also live and play right from Bridger Creek Subdivision with the golf course in their backyard. Other amenities here are the many small businesses on Griffin Drive and new boutique storefronts on Bridger Canyon Drive.

Great for people who want to be close to downtown activity and even closer to popular Bridger trailheads.

8-10 minutes from downtown 

In The Neighborhood:

Parks: Story Mill Park, East Gallatin Recreation Area

East Bozeman

Homes and subdivisions in this part of town are more established and most are only a short walk away from getting the best view in town at the top of Peet’s Hill. Its proximity to I-90 and the Frontage Road make it ideal for those commuting to Livingston frequently, while still close to what’s happening downtown. Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and Peet’s Hill being right off of Highland Boulevard also make East Bozeman a very desirable place to live.

Great for those that want the convenience of I-90 access while living in an established neighborhood minutes away from downtown.

2-10 minutes from downtown

In The Neighborhood:

Parks: Lindley Park, Peet’s Hill/Burke Park

Neighborhod Associations: Lindley Park Association, New Hyalite View Network, The Knoll’s N.A.

West Bozeman

Much of Bozeman’s growth in recent years has been in this side of town. New subdivisions have sprung up and offered more variety and affordability to aspiring homeowners. For families with children, schools and public parks are plentiful and within walking distance. For golfers, there are private residences on the green at the Black Bull Golf Club. Amenities are aplenty with easy access to shopping centers like Costco and Target off 19th, lots of grocery store options, and new eateries at the Ferguson Farm Complex.

Great for those who want a more modern or custom built home with outdoor space and all the public amenities in the neighborhood.

5-10 minutes to downtown 

In The Neighborhood:

Schools: Gallatin High, Chief Joseph Middle, Emily Dickinson Elementary, Meadowlark Elementary, Hyalite Elementary

Parks: Rose Park, Gallatin County Regional Park, Valley West Park, Adam Bronken Soccer Complex

Neighborhood Associations: Valley Unit N.A., Bozeman Ponds N.A., Flanders Creek N.A., Loyal Gardens N.A.

Four Corners

Commercial businesses are thriving in Four Corners and subsequently, more people are choosing to reside there. With several subdivisions to choose from, generally you can find single-family residences that are more affordable here than in Bozeman. Residents here can find nearly all they need in Four Corners so being outside of Bozeman is no issue.

Great for people who have a commercial business in Four Corners or a daily commute to Big Sky.

13 minutes to downtown + 11 minutes to Belgrade, 42 to Big Sky, and 45 to Ennis

In The Neighborhood:

Parks: Quail Run Park

Schools: Monforton Elementary & Middle School

Northern Outskirts Of Bozeman

As you leave town and get further into the Bridger Mountains, you’ll find properties and homes on the outskirts of town grow larger. There is plenty of variety here between newer homes at the foothills of the Bridgers or older farm properties in Kelly Canyon. This end of town has the best access to the Bridgers and all the trails, skiing, and recreating that comes with it. Other amenities include golf at the Riverside Country Club and the 38-acre Snowfill dog park (fenced in!).

Great for people who want to live up in the mountains near public land and be minutes away from skiing Bridger Bowl. 

10-25 minutes to downtown

In The Neighborhood:

Popular Trailheads: The M, Drinking Horse, Sypes Canyon, Middle Cottonwood Canyon

Southern Outskirts of Bozeman

Like the northern outskirts, residences here are generally larger with more acreage and space between neighbors. Choices range between homesteads on rolling hills with views of the Bridgers or in a home tucked away in one of the many canyons. For those that are seeking more privacy, they can find it in the Triple Tree and Seven Ranges neighborhoods.

Great for people who want lots of land to live on and quick access to public lands near Hyalite Canyon.

10-25 minutes to downtown 

In The Neighborhood:

Popular Trailheads: Sourdough Trail, Leverich Canyon, South Cottonwood Trailhead, Hyalite Canyon Recreation Area 

Community Resources

Bozeman Public Schools

For more infromation on school districts visit the Bozeman Public Schools’ website. If you are on the hunt for a property in a specific school district, explore our map to see homes for sale by Bozeman school district. This map search tool is integrated with our MLS so you can filter all listed homes by school.

Historic Districts & Preservation:

As stated by the city of Bozeman, Historic Preservation is an established priority of city planning. Each historict district helps create a unique sense of place and bridges the gap between the past and our future. Bozeman’s historic districts include the Bon-Ton, Bozeman Brewery, Cooper, Lindley Place, Main Street, MSU, Northern Pacific – Story Mill, South Tracy, North Tracy, and South Tracy – South Black Districts. You can read more about what defines each district on the City of Bozeman website or view them on a map here. You can also find all the homes listed on the National Register of Historic Places here.

Bozeman Neighborhood Associations

There are 15 designated neighborhood associations under the Bozeman Neighborhoods Program, which aims to build community and relationships, neighbor to neighbor, and neighborhood to city government. These associations help foster a shared community where neighbors can come together over shared goals and values, or work towards a specific issue in their neighborhood. Associations can communicate via an email listserve or on Nextdoor. To see the neighborhood boundaries, see the City of Bozeman website. Even if you don’t belong to an official neighborhood association, you can still communicate with your neighbors on the Nextdoor app. With a verified address, you can join your neighborhood in conversations, offer assistance, or help find their lost pets. Check out the Nextdoor app here.

Bozeman Trails

Our public trail system is an amazing asset to our community here in Bozeman. These trails are used by commuters, dogwalkers, runners, bikers, and even skiers when the snow is good! The Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) has made a huge effort to connect our nearby public lands to neighborhoods via trails that run all the way to Main Street. Many subdivisions both new and old have trail networks connecting each other and provide a path for pedestrians away from roads and urban distractions. To see if there is a trail near you, see their featured trails (many of which we’ve mentioned above) or check out the GVLT trail map.

The information given here is for informational purposes only, and due to the nature of this material, is subject to change. For the most up to date information, contact me.

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