Trends In COVID Era Real Estate

Trends In COVID Era Real Estate

It’s no secret that things have changed this year – and a great deal in the way we view what home is to us.  Even after stay-at-home orders have been lifted, we are staying in more.  In blogs coming this fall, we’ll explore what we are now emphasizing as important in the home.

Important Trend:  The home office 

Most of us were relegated this spring to working from home at least part time, and many of us full time.  Some of us are back at work, and some are not.  And in Bozeman, Montana the draw to this great community has made telecommuting and distance working a reality for years.  But there is little argument that the home office has taken a front seat in what makes a home desirable and functional.  And a truly great home office can make the morning commute from the kitchen coffee bar to our in-home work stations all the more pleasant.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal Real Estate section’s Home Decor Trend ranking put the home office at the top of readers’ interest ranking. 

And I loved this article published in REAL SIMPLE magazine:   10 Home Office Ideas That Will Make You Want to Work All Day:

So when it comes to making yourself at home in your new office digs – go big, or, well, you know…

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